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Protopolis is a choreographic installation developed from a series of urban experiences entitled Protocols for an Invented City.



This work completes a cycle of research in which the urban landscape of Grenoble has been the site of action and the source of inspiration for the creation of this choreographic proposal.


Protopolis is a coined word that combines two Greek terms: proto (first, previous, ancestral) + polis (city), a utopian space that demands a return to the first form, to the notion of the previous and ancestral. In an immersive topography, shared time and space are a pretext for talking about territory and belonging.


Choreography and performance Ramon Lima

Stage manager Michael Morin

Coaching creation Gretchen Schiller

Production BRUTA Corp.

Co-production Performance Lab (France)

With the support of MaCI - Maison de la création et de l'innovation à Saint-Martin-D'Hères (France); Arts in the Alps; UFR LLASIC; SFR Creation; REACH - Research-Creation, collaborative practices in Arts and History and Performance LAB.

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