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Sleep as a zone of resistance

Somnambule is a piece that appropriates the apparent passivity and inertia associated with sleep in order to create, if only momentarily, a deviation from everyday life. Falling asleep is a way of resisting, of creating cracks in what is stable, of paying attention to our right to the body. A reversal of perspective that invites us to question the logic of existence, which is shaped by the pressure of the constant demand for productivity.

In this piece, sleepwalking is a driving force that allows us to experience a body between two states (or even two worlds): that of sleep and that of wakefulness. A precarious state of equilibrium that gives rise to a reflection on what we consider normal, possible and desirable for a body.

Somnambule evolves on stage in direct articulation with the context in which it is performed. A creation based on the singular relationship between body and architecture, set and costume, performer and audience.


Choreography and performance:Ramon Lima

Dramaturgism: Luciana Lara

Sound creation: João Sarnadas

Costume: Marcus Barozzi

Support for the composition of the performance space : Coletivo EntreVazios

Stage manager: Gabriel Alboussiere

Production : BRUTA Corp.

Co-production: Secretaria de Cultura e Economia criativa do Distrito Federal - SECEC-DF and Conexão Cultura(Brazil)

With the support  of the Centro de Dança do Distrito Federal (Brazil), Espaço Cultural Renato Russo(Brazil), RADAR Mechelen(Belgium), CRL - Central Elétrica (Portugal) ARSENAAL/LAZARUS(Belgium) Le Pacifique - Centre de développement chorégraphique national de Grenoble(France).

This project is realized with resources from the Fundo de Apoio à Cultura do Distrito Federal.

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