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Protocols for an Invented Cityis a participatory creation workshop dedicated to raising awareness, reflection and collective action on urban space through artistic protocols. Its pedagogical axis is inventiveness as a tool for discussing issues related to the notion of belonging, territory and urbanity. The act of inventing is invoked as a means of triggering  singular archeologies and stories in a shared space, placing the experience of the body and the subject at the center of the aesthetic proposal of the project. This approach aims to take the body out of the passivity of the gaze and to generate new affective, imaginative and poetic experiences of what is perceived in the city. Here, the enlargement of the intimate space to the public space is a political exercise of re-signification, appropriation and construction of affections with the city.

This proposal for artistic mediation circumscribes and engages a district of the city, whose target audience are its inhabitants. The workshop takes place over 5 days, with a total duration of 20 hours, or 4 hours per day, and is divided into three distinct moments: mapping, invention and sharing.


Production : BRUTA Corp.

Facilitator: Ramon Lima and Roberto Dago

Duration :5 days (20h)

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