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Ramon Lima sees the workshop as a time for invention, experimentation and exchange. It's an opportunity to approach choreographic practice from the perspective of expanding the intimate space that gives rise to the creation of a collective space.  In this context, the workshop will focus on issues related to the emergence of a singular gesture, where the driving force is the experience of the body.

The body that interests us in this case is the sleepwalker. Sleepwalking is therefore a motor that allows us to experience a body between two states (or even two worlds): that of sleep and that of wakefulness. A precarious state of transition and equilibrium that leads us to reflect on what we consider normal, possible and desirable for a body. In this way, the search for an intermediate body, with mobile, multiple, extended, stretched and inverted boundaries, leads us to a choreographic approach that engages with philosophical currents based on the inversion of perspectives. The emphasis is no longer on what the body is, but on what it can do. When the verb 'can' is conjugated here, it refers less to what the body is capable of, but rather to what is allowed or not.

Participants will be invited to experiment with creative methodologies tried out in the process of making Ramon Lima's show Somnambule, and others borrowed from other encounters along the way. A sensitive immersion in research aimed at questioning dance as a space for expanding the possibilities of the body we inhabit. An interest in the emergence of a choreographic gesture that departs from an established or learned logic of movement as a means of expanding physical and sensory vocabularies, as well as paying attention to other ways of generating movement and discourse through the body.

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