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Ramon Lima is a dancer and choreographer whose choreographic research focuses on the experience of the body as the centre of aesthetic and conceptual reflection in his projects. This characteristic is present both in the creative process as well as in the encounter with the audience. He is also interested in the notion of the right of the body and how dance can reflect on issues of representation of the body and the relationship with the collective.

Part of his artistic training took place at IdA - Instituto de Artes de Brasília, where he studied performing arts between 2012 and 2016. In 2019, he moved to France to deepen his artistic practice. For this purpose, he integrates the Master Création Artistique, in Performing Arts, at the University of Grenoble Alpes, which he realises according to the practice-based-research modality.

In 2021, Ramon Lima creates his first solo work, Protopolis, a choreographic installation that questions notions of belonging through artistic compositional protocols in urban space.

For 2023, he is working on his new creation, Somnambule, a dance solo that addresses the instances of sleep as a place of resistance to hegemonic logics of existence.

Ramon Lima also works as a dancer for the choreographers Julie Desprairies, Anne Collod, André Braga e Claudia Figueiredo.

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